Friday, April 30, 2010

Hairold the cat and our Birthday bash

So after being gone and in the wild for a month, we found my dads cat Hairold :) he is very thin, but gave a good hiss as he left. Im sure my dad will tend to his every whim and get his weight back on. We were all very happy he was found, nothing like living with the thought you lost your dads pet...

This sat we are having our BBQ and birthday party, we have family and friends coming over, Ill post pictures this weekend. Praying for good weather, and for everyone to have a great time!!!!


Junior said...

So glad to hear that the cat was found.

Have a wonderful time this weekend, can't wait to see pictures.

Maria B. said...

I read on Facebook that you had a wonderful time with your friends and family. Good for you! I feel that because we are so devoted to our children, it's not as easy to find time for friends or even make new ones as before. Old friends are the best!