Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pictures from the weekend

Sky loves his nutella
she is such a good pup
very happy little man
play time with Moni
This is for you dad, I think this picture tells us all how Hairold feels about the pup.
a boy and his pup
This little pup is learning fast and seems to be very smart. She knows how to sit and does it 90% of the time when I ask her, and we are on our way to learning about going potty outside, she is so mellow in the house and only really plays when you call her over to play, she is great!


Junior said...

Great pictures, that puppy is too cute, love the pic oh her with Sky.

Maria B. said...

I think Brady and Austin will be jealous!

Joyce and Ernie said...

I like Nutella too! But maybe not quite that much. Great looking dog. I just hope that she stays that way. Hairold's pose always cracks us up. He does that a lot. It's like he shielding his eyes from the sun. Will get some post cards out to the kids soon!