Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympics, Valentines and Hairold

Sky showing his Olympic pride for... hmmm I wonder who he likes????
The master creator hard at work making Valentines for Dad
Happy Valentines Day
Sky enjoying the Olympics and his disco ball
Got to love that smile
heart shaped french toast with cinnamon butter cream
Hand made valentines and home made cookies
Hairold watching Sky play, he is warming up fast dad, i can even pick him up!!!!


Junior said...

Love all the Valentines stuff youguys made. Cool train Sky.
Happy Valentines

Anonymous said...

I would say Sky is watching Apolo...hilarious! Loved all the Valentine fun -cinnamon toast looks yummy - cute Valentines Monica. Looks like Hairold is his usual self - curious kitty. Sheila you have a way with cats! -Joyce

amanda said...

Happy Valentine's Day Skylar! That french toast makes my mouth water YUM!

Our kitty likes to play with Madison's train, and she sometimes knocks it off the tracks.

I love kitties!