Friday, February 19, 2010

And we shall call her Valentine

Today Keith and I loaded up the van and we took Sky for a 3 hour drive, but this wasnt just a drive. We were in route to picking up Skys early birthday present. Sky wiggled in his car seat when I brought her to him, and when we walked away to tell the man that this was the one, Sky told his daddy that her name is Valentine. How cute is that.

She is 7 weeks old, half golden retriever and half yellow lab, she is perfect and just loves Skylar.


Junior said...

Oh Skylar your new doggy is sooo cute and I love the name you gave her. Have fun with your new puppy.

Sheila that video is wonderful

Joyce and Ernie said...

That's a good looking puppy. He/She will grow up to be a big dog. We hope that he/she bonds with Skylar. How is Bailey taking it? This should be a good test for Hairold. He has never been around a puppy this young.

Sky said...

So far hairold has done ok, she only has checked him out 2 times, and he slapped her head the last time, that was enough, she knows to leave him alone. She should be a good dog, she looks and acts so much like Bailey when she was a pup, so Im hoping she will be easy to teach and quick to learn

Lora said...

How cute! I think golden labs/ retrievers are the CUTEST puppies ever! How fun for Skylar!!