Sunday, September 06, 2009

Time to think

So as most of you know we are looking at a duel flu season this year (yikes) The regular flu is enough to send me into germ Phoebe shock, but two...Dear Lord.... I know to most of the world I would appear to be a freak about the flu, always reading and watching, checking flu maps and getting CDC and WHO updates, but in the world in which I live, it is very necessary.

This year we are changing things up a bit... Skylar will not have a teacher come to the house this year and he will not have speech come to the house this year. The risk of them bringing something with them from the school is just too high, and to be honest... its not worth the risk. So I will be teaching Skylar this year, and I have to say he is doing great. He knows all the basics and then some, we are working on writing numbers and his ABCs, so far so good. And his speech has improved so much over the summer, he is putting 7 words together, and they make sense.

Moni and Chan will have to come home everyday this year and shower and change. normally we dont start this until about the end of November, but because the flu is already hear and going, we are doing it now. They also are not allowed to use my phone, and have t clean their phones every day. Backpacks will stay outside on the deck until I Lysol them and let them sit for 10 mins, then they can come in the house.

I have been doing my regular flu cleaning all year this year, so I feel pretty confident about our hard surfaces, door knobs and light switches, I also clean remotes regularly, vacuum and dust every day and do my best to keep all germs at bay.

So the downer of this is holidays, to be honest I dont know if we will be having anyone over and in the house until spring... yes spring.

I just wish that people would try to prevent the flu and not just prepair for it, Im getting pretty tired of reading news articles about schools preparing for the flu, but no one is taking the time to educate our children on how to prevent the flu. I can only hope and pray that it does not hit home and that my family will stay healthy.

So please, everyone: wash your hands, cough and sneeze into your elbow, and if your sick (stay home)


Junior said...

Oh Sheila we are so worried about the flu as well. Scares me every time I have to go out. Junior goes no where but the docs now and then he is masked and on oxygen.
prayers that everyone stays well.

Love the new background

Lora said...

You sound just like me Sheila! I'm such a germ and neat freak. I vacuum sometimes multiple times a day and am constantly wiping and lysoling things AND mopping! LOL Unfortunately, I can't shower Ryan when he gets home from school. He's just too heavy for me to do that anymore. Hubby has to do that. But, I might just have Jorie start showering upon getting home from school. That's not a bad idea.Computer keyboards is another great place for germies to hide! I will be praying extra hard for all of us SMA families this year.

Melodie said...

We are right there with you! Worried, frustrated, and OCD cleaning. I clean just like you every single day. Usually, we do let Taysen go on occasional outings, carefully monitored and anytime he touches something, his hands get sanitized, but this year i don't know if it is worth the risk? I will take your idea about hubby showering/changing when they get home. Big hugs for Sky

Maria B. said...

Ditto. If only people would stay home when they are sick...BTW, we are in Central Louisiana, so we are about 12 hours away from any part of the old Route 66. Maybe we can meet in St. Louis when the time comes? We love to meet you all!