Monday, September 14, 2009

Got to love it

Sky ready to take on the world

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful little man!

there is nothing better then a child who wakes up each and every day with a smile on... it makes the start of each day so wonderful :)
Chan and Moni start the first full week of school this week, so far both seem to be happy with school, classes and not so happy with how heavy the backpacks are. I swear they are both going to need a chiropractor soon.
Were getting ready for fall, next weekend we will have a few trees taken down, should make some good fire wood. Keiths busy with work and trying to get our place ready for winter.
Other then that, not to much is happening. we hope you all have a great week!


Junior said...

Love the pictures, Sky looks ready to party. Have a great week.

Junior said...

Hi Sheila, Junior's story reader is actually a tape player plugged into a box(power link 3) that makes it switch adapted, his lights are plugged into it as well. Anything with a power plug and on/off switch can be plugged into the box and then he can turn it on with his head switch(it can have 4 items at once and we have plugged in everything from the christmas tree lights to a kitchen blender).