Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The joy of new toys and other things

Skylar has entered a new phase, the Cars phase, everything is Lightning McQueen and Mater... He still LOVES his Spongebob and Blues Clues, but Cars is taking center stage. Today he got his new Lightning McQueen bubble machine and his GEO track train. So we have been busy bees.

Moni and Chan got the WASL test scores today and both passed with flying colors!!!! Its so great to have wonderful smart kids. Chan went with some friends Tuesday to get the new HALO game, and let me tell you homework and chores have been getting done at super light speed so he can get online and play with his friends. Moni is looking forward to staying over night at one of her best friends houses Friday, and then they will stay with us on Sat.

My dads been up quite a bit the past few weeks, its been great to see him and visit. He has been working on his RV while Joyce (my step mom) and my little sis tour Europe.

Im starting to get my game plan and mind set to home school Sky, he knows so much I dont want to bore him, I hope to start next week.


Mary said...

Sounds like everyone is doing great! And Sky looks SO happy w/ his Lighting McQueen stuff! :)

Devon said...

It does sound like everything is going great!! Hugs to you guys!

Maria B. said...

Oh I remember those "Cars" days with Jojo. Cars characters are the best! Now Jojo's into the not-too-cute stuff on Cartoon Network. Sheila, please send us some of your cool temperatures; we're tired of the humidity!

Junior said...

Sky, loving all the new Cars toys, Junior was sooooo into cars a few years ago.
Big hugs