Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wonderful Week

Chan and then Moni in Grandpas hat and shades

Great Grandma and the kids

My dad, Grandma and me

Grandma and me

Sky in Grandpas hat and shades

Great Grandma and Moni

Sky in Grandpas hat

Sky waiting for everyone to get hear

Moni and one of the baby kittys (I call him squishy)

What a great week we have had, our weather has been for the most part beautiful. Moni and Chan have gotten some good use out of the pool, had friends over, they went an saw Harry Potter and loved it. Skys head support for his power chair has finally been ordered, so as soon as it is hear we can take him out and he can drive on the property (Thank God) its way way way to bumpy with what he has now for him. We were planning a trip to the zoo for tomorrow, but are going to set it for another date, its going to be near 100 and that is just way to hot. So instead we are all going on a nice drive through the country to a little town called LaConner, buy some fresh produce and home made ice cream (yum) it dosent sound like much, but its an hour and half trip with the family out of the house so Sky and I are thrilled.

We had a wonderful BBQ with my dad, step mom and grandma today. We had a wonderful visit and great food, grandma looks great considering she is getting up there in the years. Dad enjoyed ping pong with the grand kids, and of course Sky had fun driving his power chair and playing games (showing off of course)

On a sad note Moni is heading back to her dads tomorrow afternoon for a week, its kind of hard, no its really hard,, I miss her and depend on her so much, its like some one has cut off my left arm when she is gone. but I also know her dad misses her too and needs to spend time with her...

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Maria B. said...

It sounded like you had a great visit with your family. How cool is that about your grandma being with your kids! That's so precious. Was this the weekend you were supposed to meet with Logan's Mom? Looking forward to more pictures!