Sunday, July 19, 2009

Easy Week

Elvis looking for a mid day snack, crazy cat
Moni, Chan and Keith enjoying the heat


sissy was great for finding Sky the frogs this week

we had a lazy week, Moni got to come home a week early, so Sunday night Keith went down and got her. It is so nice having my baby girl home. Monday Keith and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary, we spent the day doing home improvements and enjoyed some BBQ together. Chan came home wednesday, he was gone for 2 weeks. He had a good camping trip with his mother in Montana, but is very happy to be home. Skylar well he is just the king of the castle as always, happy to be up driving his power chair through the house, sitting in his red tumble form chair playing games, in all just a very happy little boy. Our weather has been great, Moni and Chan have been enjoying the pool, so did Keith one day! and the kids have been playing ping pong and bad mitten (getting them self's ready to face grandpa Ernie next saturday)

We have a busy week coming up. Friday the 31st we will be enjoying a Blue Angels air show and after that we will get to meet the pilots, and see the planes up close. Got to love make a wish! Saturday we are having my dad, step mom and Grandma over for a BBQ. Grandma just celebrated her 93rd Birthday, so Ill have to make sure I have a special cake made. And Sunday we are all going to the zoo!!! This will be Skys first trip to the zoo, I am so excited (he loves animals so much) We will be meeting my dad and step mom and a very special SMA mom from Arizona, Shelle... her son Logan had SMA TY I and passed away 2 months ago, so this trip to the zoo will be very special. I have drawings to give to Shelle and her family of Logan, to help them celebrate his beautiful life.

we have a few special little kids who could use some extra prayers this week. Our blog buddy Junior is in the hospital, he was going to have trach surgery early this week, but just mins before going into the surgery room was told they couldnt do it, due to they didnt have anyone to cover another vent child. So now the surgery is on hold, but Junior is still having issues, if you could please say a prayer for Junior and his wonderful care giver Heidi. Hodges just got home from a week hospital stay he is home, but now his big sister seems to have come down with something. And Brynlee is sick and in the hospital If you could all say an extra little prayer for these kids that would be great!!!!


Junior said...

Love the pics, Sky is so funny with his frogs.

Sheila thanks so much for the prayers, they are greatly appreciated.

Maria B. said...

Sounds like you have a lot of fun coming up! Looking forward to see the photos/videos.

Izabell said...

hope you guys stay cool this weekend! i love the new pics! he is such a cutie!!!