Monday, July 06, 2009

Monday monday

Skys game face
It is very strange not having my Moni and Chan home.... Moni just emailed an she is done watching her DVD series and she has read all her books, I dont know what she is going to do with out at least a book in her hands (maybe her step mom will take her to buy a few new books this week) and if not I know what we are doing when she gets home on the 19th... book shopping!!! And we have not heard a peep from Chan in 2 days, and we are getting a little worried, we have left messages on his phone sent texts and emails, still nothing... Im praying he calls or emails his dad or I soon!!!!

Skylar has been a joy as always, he is really getting into hid v-smile games, I love to hear him talking away to the games and using his hands so well to play.


Junior said...

that is such a great picture of Sky, he looks like he is up to something.
Have fun playing your V-Smile games Sky.

Devon said...

I'm glad he likes the games. I am looking forward to Dakin being able to do stuff like that.

Cute pic!