Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Alpacas

They are so cute!!!!! Our weather isnt so good right now, so I havent taken Sky to see them, but maybe I can have his dad walk one up to the house before he goes to work today.


Junior said...

Oh Sheila they are so cool, I bet Sky is going to love them.
Have a great day and I really appreciate your support dealing with what is going on with my little man, thanks bunches.
big hugs

Maria B. said...

The alpacas are beautiful! We'll have to read about them, because I don't know much about alpacas. Are they the same as llamas?

Sky said...

Maria they are lots smaller but from the same family line, they are wonderful, the kids can feed them apples by and and grain, and they make the cuttest noises (we just love them)

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