Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy Morning

Sky had his one year check up with pulmo this morning, he did great. He enjoyed the 40 min drive there and back. Dr. C said he looks and sounds great, we adjusted his pressures a little, only because he has grown so much and we havent changed anything in 3 years, time for a little more I guess. We talked about an LTV1200 vent, but that wont be for about 2 years. So in all it was a good apt, we have to get in to see the ENT sometime this summer and go up a size on Skys trach, but thats an in out kind of thing. My guys a whooped, dads nappen and so is my Sky. Time for me to do some quite house work.


Junior said...

So happy to hear that the appt. went well. Woohooo Sky keep it up big guy.
Have a great afternoon and hope you are getting some of the beautiful weather we have.

Maria B. said...

Thank you for a good update. I was beginning to miss Mr. Sky!