Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fire trucks and fun

Our local firefighters had an open house today, so Keith and I thought Sky would get a kick out of going, so we did, and we all had a great time looking at the engines and visiting with the firefighters. After that we went home and visited with my high school friend Candy and her family, we had some great food, many laughs and in all a great visit.
Tomorrow is Fathers day and we will have a house full celebrating for Keith and my dad, Ernie.


Devon said...

Fun! What a great idea! I'm so glad everyone had fun!!

Junior said...

Oh it looks like a fun day. Sky you are one cool dude in your shades.
My brother is a firefighter and Junior loves visiting the station.

Maria B. said...

Great pictures! Sky, you look so grown-up posing with the firefighters.

Melodie said...

Awesome pics Sheila! Skylar just shines... what a vibrant little boy.. can't wait to meet him!