Saturday, July 28, 2007

Skylar Is Just Amazing We Love Him So Much

Skylar has been doing so wonderful, he is growing like a weed and getting his strength back. Its a little slow, but its progress. Skylar has been the key to almost everything positive in our lives. He has the best smile and the cutest voice. Regardless of his SMA he is our little boy, and we just adore and love him so very very much! You go Sky, you are our little rock star!


Little Bug said...

Hi "Rock Star",
I agree with every single word your Mommy wrote. You are more than are a miracle!!! I'm so glad we know you. You insire us every day!!!
Have a fun weekend.
Lovebug Hugs,
Randy, Lori, Little Bug & Sweet Pea

Izabell said...

he is amazing and super cute too:P you are all amazing:) he has great role models:) wonderful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Not much happening here either. We celebrated our 32nd Anniversary Wednesday. I love checking your website. Skylar is such a happy guy-we should all learn from him. Loved your sky pictures too. Thanks for sharing. Have a good weekend. Tell everyone hi, love you all, and miss you.


Sarah Turnbull said...

Wow, what a cutie pie that little boy is!!! I was just checking in on your website that I found through the directory. Our daughter Stella whom you mentioned is doing better being at home after a month in the PICU. They are just amazing little ones, aren't they? I'll continue to check in on you guys. Skylar, you have an amazing mommy!

Lots of love,
Sarah Turnbull
Mom to Stella (7.5 moonths Type I) and Treyton (SMA-free)

cwolves4 said...

Hi Skylar!
You are so handsome! You stole my heart immediately. Your pictures are just adorable. I'd give anything just to give you a hug, so have your momma give you a hug from me! You do have the most amazing momma in the world.
Debbie - asitneverwas from ebay

Anonymous said...

Love your new dew, happy new year to you!