Friday, August 17, 2007

New Pictures of Sky

Well I havent posted an update on Skylar in a while. Skylar is doing great, he is now 38 inches long and 28.6 lbs and he is only 28 months old, something tells me he is going to be a big guy like his daddy.... We had our pulmo apt, and that went great, they were very impressed with his resp and lung strength (Thank God).. We have had our 0 to 3 meeting, and they are very impressed with where he is at cognitively, counting to ten and knowing his colors, and he almost has the alphabet down with an object for each letter. So that went good. Still having a battle getting Skys equipment. The bath chair I ordered 6 months ago should be hear in a week, and the kid cart was ordered last week, I was told about 3 more weeks for that, and our tumble form chair is still about 5 weeks out. Thank You for all the help with medical need letters, they should help my OT get her letter done in a timely matter ( I would think). Other then that my older two are getting excited for 7th grade this year, school starts in 3 weeks (yeah).... Keiths job is going very good, he loves it... He is in Seattle now, but found out that he will be heading back to Everett in about 2 weeks. I cant wait, then he will only be 20 mins from home instead out an hour and 20 mins. So thats the Skylar Eichele family update, nothing to exciting and nothing to bad, just mid stream I guess.

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Anonymous said...

way to go skylar!! he is sooo smart!! kicking butt as always! We hope that you enjoy the last three weeks before the kids are in school! Good thing he will be in everett that is a long drive to seattle so often!not too much fun commuting 2x a day like that. we are very happy he likes his new job:) alwayd good to enjoy your work when you have to do it all day right.

wyndi and izzy