Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nap Time Surprise

Some of you may remember that Skylar LOVES balloons, and his daddy and I made a promise to him over a year ago after coming home from the hospital, we promised him balloons. Well we have kept to our word Skylar has enjoyed so many different balloons over the past year but these two are special. Keith found them while shopping and of course couldnt pass them up. Spongebob and Patrick are as big if not bigger then Skylar. Shhh... Sleeping so peacefully....
And Im sorry I didnt get a picture of his reaction to the gigantic balloons, but let me tell you he was more then happy! He opened one eye and saw Spongebob, closed his eye and the opened both eyes and just smiled!!!!


Izabell said...

skylar you are so handsome! and you have the best parents:) i love sponge bob! hopefully izzy will like thta one too:) though the wiggles are not bad:)

Little Bug said...

Skylar, I remember when we brought you the big bug balloon when you were finally able to get out of the ICU @ Children's. Even then your little eyes would light up with joy. Oh how I miss seeing that sweet face of yours. I love your new balloons and they are even more special because they are at home with you where you belong.
Lovebug Hugs to you all,
The Robertson Gang