Wednesday, September 07, 2011

so what have we been up to?

School has started, Moni and Chan are juniors, one more year and they graduate!  Sky has started his home schooling, we started yesterday with just a little refresher.  This kid is so smart, I just love it! 

Sky has been to see his pulmo, and he looks great and sounds great!  his pulmo just cant get over how well he has done!  Makes this mama feel pretty good!

We have been dealing with insurance, or the lack of I should say....  I am not impressed with these people, but seriously what can I do?  Praying we will have all of Skys new equipment in a few weeks!

We have been getting ready for the Walk N Roll at Greenlake in October, that is going to be so much fun!  I have some awesome family who no matter what have always been there for me and my family, and Im so proud to have them walk with us, team Sky is going to be HUGE!

Sky has been playing his little big planet with Jojo, this has become a highlight of his day.  The boys build things and destroy things, its pretty cool to see him interact, even if Jojo is in LA.  I love it!

Sorry no new pictures, I seem to have misplaced my card reader for my computer, sure hope it turns up soon!  Id like to dump my camera!

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Maria B. said...

Hello. FYI, our health insurance just denied our request for a portable lift for Joseph :( I will be writing them a letter as soon as I get a chance this weekend. Joseph loves to play with "Blogna", too!