Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CRAZY week

Last Tuesday Sky came down with a tummy bug, this was a first for him, and wow!  I have never had a tummy bug, not even as a kid so I had no idea what was to come.  Poor kid never ever threw up as a baby, so this to was a first for Sky, and Ill just say he was not impressed!  He did ok the first few days with eating and staying hydrated but that came to a screaming halt Friday.  So when daddy got home I placed an NG (feeding tube)  down Skys nose.  Now he was not to happy about that, but Im pretty sure he is grateful that I did.  The other day he told me mama Thank You for feeding me!  I know what a kid...  So today is day 5 with the NG and Sky is doing amazing!  He feels good, looks good and has had a great day!  Now comes the task of getting him to eat on his own again, I cant just take the NG tube out, not until he can eat orally all of his daily needs, so we are looking at a few weeks (I think)  slow and steady wins the race in this house!  Most of all, Sky never fails to impress me, his strength and will and love is just wonderful!


Junior said...

Sky so glad to hear that you are feeling better. You are such a fighter.
Sheila, I love how he thanked you for feeding him, so sweet. Have a great evening.

Maria B. said...

We're so glad, too, that Sky is feeling better. Now we need more pictures of him!