Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nursing and stuff

so I have my order in to the insurance company from our pulmo for nursing services, Ive met with one group and will be meeting with another agency this week, I should also be interviewing a nurse or two later this week, early next week.  I think it may take a few weeks to get things rolling, insurance is the big hold up, the agencies need to know they will be paid, so I understand.  Sky is very excited about having someone else other then mama to hang out with and watch over him, I told him that mama will still be here playing and doing what we do, we will just have another friendly face there with us, he is pretty excited about that.  We are still hopeful to get nurse Danny, but Im keeping the door open to find maybe one more good nurse like him, I know they are out there!

Skylar is doing great, he is looking forward to his Grandpa and Grandma to get home so he can visit and watch a movie, so dad be ready....  the dude has picked out 3 or 4 movies he wants to watch with you guys!  He is getting excited for his 6th Birthday, 20 days and my little man will be 6.   We are going to have a private family party on the 4th and make it a wrestle wrestle party beings that is the day or wrestle mania, and on the 23rd we will have our big get together and celebrate with everyone.

Chandler was home this weekend, what a kid, he looks great and is doing good in school, we sure do miss him, but we are all happy that he is happy!

Moni is doing great, school  is going good, and she even got all dressed up for a school dance this past weekend, even if things didnt go as planned for the dance, she looked absolutely adorable!

Keith and I are doing good, spending much needed time with each other, talking, hugging, dreaming and being alive.

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Maria B. said...

I'm happy for you. And I can't believe that Sky will be 6 soon! Our boys are getting bigger!