Monday, March 28, 2011

7 more days, AMAZING

Skylar just a few hours old, he was as perfect then as he is now.

Skylar right after his 1st Birthday and trach surgery, look at those eyes

Skylars first Birthday, not how we wanted his first Birthday to be, but this was how is played out.

Skylars second Birthday, loving that cake!

Skylars 3rd Birthday, he was in such a good mood when he woke up.

Skylars 4th Birthday, out for a ride to get some DQ

Skylars 5th Birthday, and what a Birthday gift, his Ipad is just as amazing as he is!
Wow just 7 more days and Sky will be 6....  he is doing so great, and is so much fun, I can not wait to celebrate his Birthday, in our little world of SMA any Birthday over the age of 2 is a God send and a miracle, and that is just what he is, he is my miracle!


Maria B. said...

I love those pictures! Sky is as cute as ever!

Junior said...

Sky you are such an amazing little guy.
Beautiful pictures, wow has he grown.

Lora said... sweet! Love the pictures. He is a cutie pie. Happy "early" birthday Skylar!!