Friday, December 24, 2010

The Magic behind a Barbie nutcracker tin

12 years ago today, Moni and Chan woke up in anticipation of Santa Clause, they ran to the living room to find soot covered boot prints all over the wood floor and carpet, as Moni took a closer look to the wood stove she saw it, a magical piece of Santa's suite in the hing of the wood stove door. She cherished this little piece of Santa suite and has for the past 12 years kept it safe in a Barbie nutcracker tin. Last night while we set out cookies for Santa Clause (yes he comes a day early to our house) she told Sky the story of that Christmas morning, while his eyes were full of anticipation she got out the little Barbie tin and asked if he would like to keep the Christmas magic of Santa's suite, and of course he said yes. so now the magic of that day is with Skylar to hold and dream of each and every Christmas morning.

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Junior said...

Oh Sheila what a precious memory.
Hugs and a very merry Christmas