Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Mickey Mouse, Skys new found friend
gazing at the tree, every night he will ask for me to turn the lights off, while I do this he will say "good night Christmas tree, see you tomorrow"
Skylar is so cute he will set in his chair, look over at the tree and draw it.
ah yes the snowman has legs!
such a happy kid, Im so blessed to have such a wonderful son!
dancing in the game room, he wouldnt get more then a foot or two from the tree, always telling him self, be careful, dont crash the Christmas tree.
my little man and I

we are all doing good, getting excited for Thanksgiving. everyone is gone this year so we will have our feast on Sunday, I cant wait (been dieting) Im so looking forward to turkey and gravy!!!!

Our weather has been pretty nasty, wind and rain and they say maybe some snow by the weekend. Its way to early for snow!!!!


Anonymous said...

I just smile when I check and see new pictures!! Skylar looks so happy:) I hope you have the "Best Christmas" ever!!


Maria B. said...

It will be just Joseph and me for Thanksgiving, too, and we'll have the Thanksgiving dinner on the Sunday after. I love that your tree is already up. Hopefully we'll get ours up next week, and decorated by the following week. I'm too s-l-o-w.