Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I never just put a pic of myself on here, so why not! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!
Sky and I before Grandpa and Grandma get here

Miss Moni all ready for the snow
Chan man ready to go take on the hill with his sled

Sky helping me decorate the tree in the game room, with a little supervision from Valentine
loving the tree
oh I love these little hands
my beautiful little man

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope that you all have the best day today! Im Thankful for my family, for my dad and step mom who call and come up as often as they can (we love the company) for the phone calls from family in ND and for visits from family because they just understand that traveling is so hard for us. Im Thankful for my three beautiful, awesome kids, for play time, for the messes they make for the smiles they give, and Im Thankful for such a great husband, he works and gives so much of him self each and every day! And Im Thankful for all my online friends and family, most of you have special needs kids, so you too know how special each and every day is!


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I love the pictures Sheila! I haven't been to the site since last week...makes me miss you guys but everyone looks great and that puts a smile on my face!