Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Special Gifts from North Dakota

very very happy

Skylar playing with his new Monster Truck ramp from Aunt Ruthy and Uncle lary
Monster Mutt is from Sara and Ivan
Skylar was so happy to get gifts this morning from his Aunt Ruthy, Uncle Lary, and cousins Sara and Ivan, Im pretty sure you all made his day (: And with the add of one stick, he can play with it with out me doing it for him while in his red chair!!!! Thank You so much, Miss and love you guys!!!!


Sara said...

The K'nex look like a lot of fun. Glad you are enjoying your new toys Skylar!

Love you guys too :)

Anonymous said...

Wish we were there to watch you!

Have lots of fun!

Love you all:)


Junior said...

So cool Sky, looks like lots of fun.

Maria B. said...

I love the video!