Sunday, May 16, 2010

wow long time no blog

soaking up some Vitamin D
i love this picture
Moni and her friend Kenzi enjoying some smores
I can step out side and see deer just walking around, the day this picture was taken we had 4 deer grazing in our yard

Happy as ever, he just loves his Ipad (so do I)

Skylar pretending to be daddy, he wore the blue tooth almost all day

Ive tried several times to post a blog but for some reason or another I didnt get to finish. Were all great and looking forward to summer break in a few weeks, getting outside and seeing some of what this life is all about. Our weather has been wonderful, and Sky has been enjoying his time in the sun with me out on the deck. I found him a stroller, now I have to save up for it, I cant wait to get it, his power chair is great, but until we get a lift for the van a stroller would be so much better for getting everyone out and about in.


Maria B. said...

LOve all the pictures! Sky is just soooo cute. And Sheila, shoo the deer away, Jojo's Dad is coming with his rifle :) I'm glad Sky is having fun with his ipad. I don't think Jojo can use it independently, so for right now we're sticking with his laptop. Have a wonderful week!

Junior said...

such wonderful pictures, Sky with his dads blue tooth so cute.
Happy to hear everyone is doing well.