Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting ready

Mid March, already... well for me that can only mean one thing, its almost Skylar and Chandlers Birthdays. The boys Birthdays fall on Easter this year, so for me being raised in a Catholic home, this Birthday seems very special. Were going to be partying and celebrating all of April and into May, Skylar will be 5 and Chandler 15.... WOW, my kids are growing up and getting big. Skylar is so funny, this year he wants and needs everything, if he sees it, he needs it, and Im talking anything that catches his eye. I think we watch to much TV, because if its on the TV he wants it, so note to self (turn the TV off for a few hours a day). oh well, its cute and I love seeing Sky get excited about things.

So we are all good, looking forward to a little more Spring weather, warmer temps and adventures outside.


Junior said...

So neat that the their birthday is on Easter.
Sky you are so silly, love the tongue picture

Monica said...

Love the tongue picture! Too funny!

Oh, and I have two boys born on the same day years apart, only theirs occasionally falls on labor day.