Monday, December 28, 2009

A few (LOTS)pictures of Christmas

Sky playing with his jingle bells
Sky got a very cool paint brush set from Grandpa and Grandma Rosengren, this is his first master piece.... I just love it :)
Fishing, I think he likes this game
So excited to have his orange
Great Grandma Rosengren, my dad and Bailey, it was such a joy to have my Grandma over this Christmas, she is 94 and amazing!!!!

Sky laughing at his kitty chasing lightning around the race track
Happy opening some gifts

I think Grandma and Great Grandma liked the gifts the kids go them.
LOVE, love love this shirt
and I can not forget the dog, Bailey and her treats from Santa
Chan and Moni opening Grandma Helen gifts
Sky watching and waiting
my little Christmas dude
waiting patiently with his Santa gifts. he was so cute, he woke up and the first thing he asked was the cookies, so i showed him the plate we left out for Santa, his eyes got so BIG, he looked at me and I asked should we see if Santa left gifts in the stockings? "yeah mama" I turned him around and he could not believe his eyes. Oh the magic of Santa Clause!


Maria B. said...

Sheila, Jojo has the same shirt as Sky!!! Looked like you all had a wonderful Christmas.. May the New year be even more wonderful for all of us!

Junior said...

Looks like you all had such a nice Christmas. Sky I love your painting, you are such a good artist.
Happy New Year