Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas 2009 has begun

Sky relaxing on his lightning bed!
Chan setting up his stand
Got to love the cute Christmas smirk
Fishen anyone?
Chan is getting to be such a handsome man
And lets not forget how dang cute Miss Moni is
enjoying the gifts, and checking out what everyone else is getting!
Sky Loves his NASCAR's
i think Chan wanted this!!!
The best gift of the year, wow wee tiger, Sky has been talking about this for months, and he was more then happy when he got his!

Skys gift to Dada, every year Keith gets a foot print or hand print in some way from Sky
My awesome wonderful kids!!!!!
waiting to give dad his special gift!
Sky LOVES mamas fudge
And yes we did get him the Spongebob Cha Cha chia, he was and is so happy!
there is nothing like the holidays to bring everything in your life to one place, my place was and is with my family, my kids are my life and I feel so blessed to be their mom and to see them grow into such wonderful kids! The holidays are so very special, and each and every second isl filled with many many loving, happy memories that will last forever!


Maria B. said...

What a happy update!!! I love all the gifts! And what are you getting from Santa, Sheila? You deserve the best, for being such a wonderful Mom. Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring us the cure for SMA, the cure that will help OUR guys instead of just the new babies!!!!

Junior said...

Such a wonderful start to Christmas, great pictures of the kids with their gifts.
Sky you sure got some cool gifts.
A very merry Christmas to all of you

Wyndi said...

i love all the new pics!! hope you have a happy new year !!!~wyndi and Izzy