Sunday, August 30, 2009

What a day, a perfect day

Thomas, Kris, Chan, Moni, Audrey and Batman (Anne-Marie)
Moni, Audrey and Anne-Marie

End of Summer fun

boys will be boys, the three Amigos

Chan and Kris

Moni braced for impact, I wish i would of waited about 15 seconds to take this, the balloons bursting was pretty good.

Keith and Sky playing on the you tube

pleasantly surprised that they had every request

My Moni and I
What a perfect way to end the Summer break and start a fresh new year of school (High School)

We have had such a wonderful day, Moni and Chan both have 2 friends over, the day has been spent with water balloon fights, swimming, running playing, rock band in the shop, hamburgers and hot dogs (and yes for those of you who know how picky my Moni is, she ate a hot dog, put wouldnt let me get a picture), the evening was spent roasting marsh mellows and making smores and watching a movie on the big screen in the shop.

Skylar enjoys all the kids running through the house, I think he likes all the noise! Sky, Keith and I spent a good part of the day surfing you tube for videos for Skylar, he would tell us who and what to find (it was so much fun).


Junior said...

Looks like the kids had soooo much fun, what a perfect day.
Love the picture of Sky, that boy has the greatest expressions.
Big hugs

Junior said...

The nearest fire is a little over an hour from us. The air quality is bad but at least we are not in any danger.
Are there any fires near you guys?