Friday, August 21, 2009

Apt update

Skys ENT apt went good, we loaded up and Sky says "ice cream!" so funny. Anyways we got there and Keith noticed that I forgo one very important piece of equipment, the cable that goes from the battery to the inverter to run Skys v-pap (yep I spaced it) so Keith being the smart guy he is rigged up a cable and hooked it to the battery and it ran Skys v-pap (I swear I married MacGyver) So we got there and had our picture taken, new policy at Childrens, waited about 5 mins and went in for our apt. Skys stoma looks great, his ears, nose and throat looked good too. They switched his trach to a 4.5 and sent us on our way. But I have to say a 15 min apt turned out to be an hour apt. Anyways Sky enjoyed a little nap on the way home, and now hear we are looking forward to Moni being home tomorrow :) wrestling tonight and family day on Sunday at Boeing.


Junior said...

Happy to hear that the appointment went well and sure glad "Macgyver" was along to get the machine attached to the battery.
Have an awesome weekend, big hugs

Maria B. said...

Sky is looking really good in his power chair. I check out Brady's facebook page once in a while and see your posts. Can you tell that Brady's so hooked on that FarmTown/Farmville? Even Jojo keeps humming the FarmTown tune! Sure wish we all lived closer..

Anonymous said...

we are so happy to read that the apt went well! g skylar go!! i hope you got some ice cream too:)
wyndi and Izzy