Friday, February 22, 2008

Skys New Chair

Skylars tumble form came today, and he LOVES does mom and dad, now he can be up so much more!!!!

A few pictures from Jan and Feb


hjoy said...

What a big boy in his new chair.

Tina said...

The pictures of Skylar are amazing!!! He is sooooooooo happy and smiley. You are a wonderful mommy and doing such an outstanding job with him.

Sending hugs from me and Ally!

Shana said...

Awesome pictures! Sky is so handsome!!!!

Stephenie said...

Sheila, Skylar is absolutely beautiful! I think it is wonderful for you to be able to home school him. Ethan (SMA II, age 10) used a chair like Skylar's for a long time and it was so comfortable and wonderful for positioning. It looks like Skylar enjoys it too! Thanks for visiting Ethan's caring bridge site. Steph

Meme Cindy said...

Hi Skylar and Shelia, I found your site by you signing my grandson-Aiden Bundy's caringbridge page. Skylar is so beautiful and soo smart--I am sending him a big bug hug from Alabama. We are praying for you all. Love Meme Cindy