Monday, November 12, 2007

Sharing The Love

Skylar is doing GREAT! Happy as always, and so funny... he is defiantly all boy, he gets so excited when you talk to him about trucks, and cars, race tracks and bugs. He was reading the walmart toy flier the other day and kept saying truck, truck, truck. he must have looked through that magazine for 30 mins, too cute.
My mom came to stay last Wednesday with us, and unfortunately I had to call an ambulance for her on Thursday, she is having so many problems breathing. She is home now, but I think she has a hard road ahead of her to get healthy lungs, but shes trying. So with the proper treatments and prayers maybe she can regain some what normal lung functions!

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Izabell said...

I am sorry your mother is not well. we will keep her in our thoughts and prayers. Skylar looks so good! he is so cute! I love his big smiles! thank you for sharing the new pictures!