Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Getting Ready For the Holidays

Our beautiful Christmas tree... the kids did a Great job!!!

Skylar helping decorate the tree... He wasnt so sure about how it felt!!

Moni decorating the tree...

Chan decorating the tree..

Oh man mommy is getting ready for Christmas, just look at this mess, Im going to tell daddy about this!!

Thanksgiving cuddles with my mommy!!!

I see the airplane, Im gonna catch it!!!

We had a wonderful, Thanksgiving, my dad, grandma and little sister came up from West Seattle to enjoy a wonderful meal and good company.

We are at the tail end of getting ready for the Holidays, just a few more decorations and lights need to go up and a few more gifts to buy and were ready. I cant wait I love Christmas, its the most magical holiday (I think).

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Izabell said...

i love the thanksgiving cuddles picture!!! your house looks so festive and fun:) i hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!