Friday, October 26, 2007

Whats New in Our Zoo

Skylar figured out how to get his pulsox off!!!

Skylar meet with the assisted tech lady last week, she came out with our OT gal Hutch. She was very impressed on Skylars hand and finger strength, and very impressed with how fast he would figure out how to make the switches work, even manipulate them to make them easier for him to use. She is working on getting him a few switches that we can put into several different toys, then he can turn them on and off and make them go all on his own. The best part is she can get him an adapted mouse for his lap top, then he can do more then just listen to music, he would be able to pull up Noggin and play games on his own.

Skylar seems to be a very busy bee, always jabbering and playing. He is always so happy :), I hope that will never change!!! he is at the copy cat stage with his communication, he can tell you Thank you and please, and say pretty much anything I say or ask him to say, his favorite thing to say is story... I must hear story at least 20 times a day, so Skylar has lots and lots of reading everyday, sometimes for hours on end.

He has gotten allot stronger with his arms, hands, fingers and even his legs. We see him moving more and more every day. (Thank God)

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Little Bug said...

Hi Guys ~
Long time since I posted a comment. I look in on all of you all the time, but it seems that I never have enough time to post a comment. Anyway, today is the day to do that. Skylar is getting so much bigger and he is looking stronger than ever. I must say he is looking more and more like Keith everytime I see pictures. I'm sure your days are as busy or busier than mine Sheila. Sometimes I wonder how we do it. But, by the Grace of God each new days brings us closer and closer to more new things for our kiddos, right? Hey, I saw a new toy today as I was searching a developmental website and I thought I would pass on the info. They are called Wedgits. Have you heard of them? I think we are going to get them for Connor for Christmas. They are an open form building block that makes it easy for stacking. You'll have to take a look. The toy is by Lamaze and I think I just googled Wedgits Deluxe Set. Anyway, great to see the new pics and to hear that things are progressing so nicely for all of you!!!
All our lovebug hugs!!!