Monday, October 15, 2007

A Special Visit

Skylar and his Great Grandma Kemmpainnen, I Love this picture

Great Grandma, Skylar and Miss Monica

Great Grandma and Skylar

Great Grandma, Skylar and my mom AKA Grandma Foster

Skylar totally bushed after his company left.

Moni and Sky playing Dora on Skys V-smile (Sky beat the game :), but with sissy's help)

Skylar sporting his new jamies that mama got him.
We had a very good Sunday, my mom (Linda and my grandmother Harriet) came up for dinner. i cooked a mini Thanksgiving dinner for everyone, it was really nice to see my mom and my grandma, this was the 3rd time she has seen Sky, and the first time she has seen him with a trach. We all had a great visit.

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Izabell said...

He is getting so big!! he is absolutely adorable!! I am glad that you had a visit with your family and hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying time all the together. we will miss you at the party but do understand why you will not make it.