Saturday, July 14, 2012

Getting bad at updates

Im getting so bad at updating, sorry!!!!  Sky is doing AMAZING, he likes his new tummy tube, and I do too other then its so long...  but come mid september we will be able to change it out to a smaller mickey button (:  Skylar is getting so big!!!  he is almost as tall as I am and is weighing in at almost 50 lbs, Ill post a few pictures a little later today.  He sure is growing fast!  Chan is in drivers ed so he is at his moms for a few days a week so when home he likes hanging with his friends or doing things with his girlfriend Amanda,  Moni is busy working on summer AP classes and volunteering with Noah animal shelter.  Moni scored 4's on the two AP test she took in May (not an easy thing to do) so proud of her!  Sky and I are busy just having fun, we built him some arm slings to help him move a little more when up in his chair, and he loves them.  The first time he played with them he kept saying "look at me wiggle".  Keith is busy with work and trying to keep our jungle of a yard down (yards winning) sorry babe!  We had some pretty awesome thunder and lightning storms roll through yesterday, and today.  Our plans were to go to the airshow later today, but Im thinking its a no go due to the thunderstorms...  We cant control mother nature, so who knows what today will hold.  Maybe we will go see a movie or do something indoors (:

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