Thursday, January 12, 2012

1st post of the new year

 Sky hanging out on the deck with Chuck and Snoopy
 giving his dada his Birthday cards!
 Moni and Chan waiting for dad to open his gifts
 Happy Birthday Keith!!!!

So whats been going on, The 31st was my 41st birthday, Keith and the kids gave me an excellent day.  I woke up to flowers, candles, cards and a beautiful cake, we spent our new years just hanging around with each other, watched some movies and played some games and at midnight had a little firework show in the back yard.  The 5th was Keiths birthday, Moni and I went shopping for his gifts (so that was fun).  Keith had a good birthday, we made brownies and homemade hot fudge and surprised him with them on the eve of his birthday.  The kids headed back to school and within 3 days I had miss Moni quarantined to her room with a cough, I took her in and sure enough she had whooping cough, so we all have been on antibiotics, and thankfully so far Moni is the only one to catch it!  Being its so contagious, Im still cleaning like a fool and keeping a close eye and Sky and all of us.  I feel better once the 14or 15 is here, if no one has it by then, then we should be good!  Monicas birthday is on the 16th, so she will have her boyfriend over that day for cake and ice cream and the next weekend she is home she will have all her friends over for a sleep over party.  And that is the start of our year in a nut shell!  and our weather has been amazing, almost like a early spring, ha nope weather man says it is all going to change in the next day or two and we are looking at getting snow over the next week....  sigh, I was enjoying the nice weather it reminded me of mid January when I was a kid, oh well bring on the snow!!!!


Junior said...

Looks like Sky is doing great. Sorry to hear Moni has whooping cough, praying no one else gets it.
Happy Belated birthday Sheila.

Maria B. said...

I missed your birthday!?!? Happy birthday to you!!! Glad to hear that it was a good one. Mine and Jojo's Dad's birthdays are also days apart, just like yours and Keith's. That was scary about the whopping cough. I've been wanting to get a booster shot for it myself but just haven't done it yet. I think our boys are protected because they-been vaccinated; but, I think we, as adults are recommended to get the booster shot. I remember now why I didn't get it last year: it wasn't covered by our insurance. May we all have a great and health New Year!!!