Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Making Christmas goodies

 pretty happy that the tree is done and I think he thinks they are all for him!

Skylar making his snowman, I think he is pretty happy about how it turned out, it is pretty cute!

 making short bread cookies this morning (: yummm
 enjoying a candy cane while our cookies bake
Skylar has been having lots of fun the past few days, Christmas is a big thing in our home with trees and decorations, baking and shopping.  Id have to say he has the Christmas spirit this year, i love having him in the kitchen with me while the Christmas music is playng, he sings along (even if he dosent know the words)


Junior said...

Sky your snowman is very cool, way to go. The cookies look yummy.

Joyce and Ernie said...

Great pictures Sheila. Skylar you are having so much fun. Your snowman is very cute and clever.