Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

We have so much to be thankful for, ,and I am each and every day thankful for my family, my husband, his wonderful job, my kids, Moni for her awesome brains and goals she has set, Chandler for his love of music and the ability to play anything he sets his mind to, and for Skylar, Im thankful that he is 6 1/2, healthy, smart, kind, beautiful.  I pray everyone have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

We were lucky to have an early Thanksgiving with Keiths mom last weekend, that was so nice.  it was good to see her and visit, even if for only a few days, love ya mom!

Chan, Grandma Eichele and Moni
 Sky, Moni,
Chan and grandma Eichele
 Sky and his Grandma Eichele
 all the kids and Grandma
 Moni and her boyfriend Brendan setting up the tree
 laughing at something I said Im sure
 ah Valentine, she is such a good sport
 Sky is all excited about Christmas
 looking over at his beautiful tree
 enjoying a much needed candy cane after decorating the tree
 tree 1 in the livingroom, Sky told me where everything went, so he actually decorated this tree!
 pretty excited about setting up Christmas
 Moni and Chan waiting on us so they could enjoy the Thanksgiving feast!
 pretty sure these last two pictures sum up what Im thankful for, I love my kids!!!!
Today Im thinking of a family the Bundys, there little boy Aiden passed away 11/9/11 he was only 4 1/2.  Praying they can find peace and love in this Thanksgiving!  Love and miss you Biggie Boy!

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Happy Thanksgiving