Wednesday, July 20, 2011

so where is summer?

I am starting to think that we may not have summer this year, its still cold every night that you can see your breath and as of this past week our high has been 66, look out we are having a heat wave (not)...  I sure hope it picks up soon, there is so much going on in our community over the next few weeks and Id really like to get this kid of mine out and about, and we will but it would just be a little better if we had clear blue skies to do it in!

we have been busy, Chan and Moni and all of there friends have been keeping us on our toes.  I can honestly say they are having a great summer!

So is Sky, we have been going out here and there and actually took him to see cars two last week.  He loved it, and he was so darn funny...  he could not get over the size of that TV.  What a kid!
 got to wonder about this mosquito bite, yep it is in the shape of a heart!?!

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