Sunday, May 22, 2011

A wedding weekend

This was a fun weekend, we had a wedding on Sat, it was for a co worker of Keiths, they got married at a farm here in Stanwood.  We loaded Sky up and went, other then the rain it was a pretty wedding, short and sweet, Sky loved the horse drawn buggy, very nice!

Today my step brother Josh got married, we were gone for 6 hours, the longest time Skys been out in a long time, if ever...  we took his humidity with us, so that made for a much better day for Sky.  it was a beautiful wedding, and it was so great to see my family.  And just enjoy the day!

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Maria B. said...

Wow! Two weddings in a row, that's awesome Sky! Joseph has never attended any wedding/reception. And Sky, I love your big-boy haircut. I hope you have a great summer and get to go out more. I hope, too, that your weather in the Northwest is much more tolerable than down South during summer. Sheila, I think our threat of flooding has passed. Good for Brady because he would not hear the end of it if our house flooded. He simply refuses to get a flood insurance.