Sunday, April 10, 2011

All under one roof

So my family is all back under one roof, Chandler came home last night to stay, so this week we will be in process of changing him back to Stanwood high School, he seems pretty happy and said last night to his dad and I "Im sorry guys, I didnt know what I was thinking"  so everyone is pretty excited to have our norm back, it feels good to have all my kids home!!!!!  

Still waiting for the final ok from insurance, but I think it will be here mon or tues.  We shall see.  I would like to get it started, training is going to take a while,,, Skys care is easy to me, but someone else might not think so.

so all in all it has been a wonderful weekend, and it looks to be a busy but great week!


Junior said...

such good news Sheila, so glad your family is all back together again.
good luck with training a nurse, we just went through that with a new nurse and you are right what we think of as simple can be complicated for others.

Melodie said...

Yay! What a great feeling, all the fam togefher again.

Hope the nursing works out then I can pick you up some day on my to the outlets some day for a little shopping :)

Sky said...

Melodie that would be so much fun!!! shopping is always good (: