Friday, February 11, 2011

Skylars Favorite Ipad apps

Skylar got his Ipad on launch day last year, and it has given him so much freedom, I still feel almost a year later its the best thing we have bought for him.


1. Trucks and Skulls
2. Angry Birds regular and seasons
3. Smack Talk
4. Cut the Rope
5. Moto Max Mayhem
6. Chop Chop Ninja
7. Monkey Flight
8. Fruit Ninja
9. Monster Trucks Nitro 2


1. Glow Coloring
2. Doodle Buddy
3. Color Play


1. This Day
2. Cat Physics
3. Kids Math
4. Word Magic
5. Teach Me Kindergarten


1. I tunes
2. Drum Meister
3. Pro Keys


1. Netflix

There are a many more he enjoys, but these are the ones that he plays with the most.


Junior said...

great list, I am going to have to check out a few of those that Junior doesn't have.

Maria B. said...

Me, too. We don't have an Ipad, but I think we can download these apps on Joseph's Ipod. Thanks!