Monday, October 04, 2010

Busy weekend

Bailey and valentine on the deck prior to its destruction!
Skylar was so good, he kept him self busy with blues clues while mama painted new deck boards.
My dad, he is ripping off the hand rail and steps out of the house, soon we will have an awesome ramp that Sky will be able to go in and out of the house on!!!!
Keith pulling old nails
Valentine could not figure out how to get up on the supports boards.
Keith and dad placing new decking down
is it straight? yep looks good guys
my dad and Valentine
half way point
Sky in the game room with his sissy, he would look out the window and see his daddy or Grandpa go by and tell them "good job, good job" he is such a great kid!!!!
well we are 80% of the way done, we have some decking to go on, build the ramp and stain it, we are praying for sunshine, as it looks now we will have one day of bad weather, and then a few days of good weather, I cant wait until it is all done, its beautiful right now, but I know it is going to look amazing when 100%


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Sheila. I've been checking!! Looks wonderful. Just think, a month ago we could've helped!!


Junior said...

It is looking great, can't wait to see Sky out driving on it

PeggyMomma said...

I cannot believe how big (and beautiful) Valentine has gotten. Great pictures - there's nothing nicer than a new deck!

Sara said...

Looks great guys! I hope you have nice weather to get it finished. I bet Skylar will have fun when he can go out and drive around :)