Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gwendolyn Strong Foundation

Congratulations in the win of $100,000 for SMA. This money will assist in finding a cure for SMA.
Thank You Chase Bank for giving such a wonderful opportunity to charity!


Junior said...

wonderful news Sheila, praying that it goes a long way towards finding a cure.

that pic of Sky is so cute

Wyndi said...


Little Bug said...

Just saw the leaderboard and saw that Gwendolyn Strong Foundation was 1 of the 100,000 winners. Wow...that is such great news...I got to vote for you guys at the last minute because I hadn't seen the posting. I'm glad I looked when I did and had the opportunity to do my part!!!
Love you guys and happy for this big win for SMA...
A cure has got to be found for these precious kids!!! You're an awesome advocate and we are happy for the funds that can go toward finding a cure!