Monday, April 14, 2008

Back to the norm

This past week was great, my big kids Moni and Chan were on spring break and Keith had 6 days off on vacation. It was nice to be able to do things in the yard and for Keith to work in his shop. It was just great to have everyone home. Now spring break is over and the big kids are back at school, Keith is already gone to work, and its just Sky and I... Its a little quite, I cant wait for Summer break. I love having everyone home. Wednesday is Skylars first speech therapy hear at the house, they will come and spend 45 mins with him every other week. So that will be fun... It was nice getting Skylar out of the house, but now our weather is acting yucky, I hope the sun comes out again soon, I bought Sky a kite and I cant wait for the weather to be nice so he can fly it. Also Ive been asked to be co-chiar parent in the 0 to 6 program hear in Snohomish county, the first meeting is tomorrow in Everett. But I just heard of the apt date today and will not be able to attend. Im excited as I will be involved with a very good community service group.

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