Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Skylar Update and New Pictures

Skylar is doing great being up more, we are looking forward to getting his power chair on Friday :)..... He is going to do so great!!!!! Lets see over the past week we have had strep in the house, Chandler was sick for a while with it, he is doing better (still has his cough though) and Miss Moni has come down with a cold, she missed a day of school. but this morning her temp was normal and she felt a little better so back to school she went, we will see how she feels when she gets home. So far Skylar has stayed clear of all of it Thank God. And we are getting excited for Skylars 3rd Birthday, 16 more days and my baby will be 3.... he is such a blessing and I love him so much!!!!

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hjoy said...

love all the pictures, Skylar is so expressive. WoooHooo, a power chair that is so exciting I bet he can't wait.