Thursday, December 20, 2007

Not At Risk???

Well we got yet another denial letter for Skylars RSV shots, they say he is not at risk... Im a little nervous as 3 kids in our SMA community have been hospitalized in the last 2 days with RSV. So Im going to have to step up the Lysol patrols I guess, its the only cleaner Ive found that kills the RSV virus, and Thank God Ive been using it for well over a year to disinfect, so everyone out there keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer that we can get through cold and flu season healthy!!!! And please say a little prayer for our sick friends, Kyle was airlifted to the hospital 2 days ago with RSV, Emily is at Hopkins in Phili with RSV, Jeanna went in for a simple surgery and has come down with RSV, and Jacob is battling a double phenomia. These are all exceptional kids who deserve so much more, so please keep them in your prayers! Hugs and Loves Sheila

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Izabell said...

we are praying for sky and all his friends, also gonging out and buying some lysol!